Salon du VR: Your Gateway to the World of Recreational Vehicles

  1. Motorhomes: These are fully-equipped homes on wheels, providing all the amenities you need for a comfortable journey. Explore Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes, each with its unique features and designs.
  2. Travel Trailers: Ideal for those who want the flexibility to tow their accommodations. Travel trailers come in various sizes and layouts, making them suitable for solo travelers, couples, and families.
  3. Fifth Wheels: Known for their spacious interiors, fifth wheels are designed to be towed by heavy-duty pickup trucks. They often feature multiple levels and luxurious amenities.
  4. Pop-Up Campers: Perfect for those who want a lightweight and compact RV that expands into a cozy living space when needed. Pop-up campers are a great way to enjoy the outdoors.
  5. Truck Campers: These compact RVs fit securely in the bed of a pickup truck, making them versatile and easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

Why Visit Salon du VR?

  1. Explore Diverse Options: At Salon du VR, you can compare and contrast various RV models and manufacturers, making it easier to find the perfect RV that suits your needs and preferences.
  2. Meet Industry Experts: Chat with knowledgeable RV dealers, manufacturers, and industry experts. They can provide valuable insights, answer your questions, and offer expert advice.
  3. Discover the Latest Trends: Stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in RV technology, design, and accessories. You’ll find information on eco-friendly options, smart RV systems, and more.
  4. Accessories and Services: Beyond RVs, the event showcases a wide range of accessories, camping gear, and services to enhance your RVing experience.
  5. Connect with Fellow Enthusiasts: Meet like-minded individuals who share your passion for RVing. Swap stories, tips, and travel recommendations with fellow enthusiasts.

Plan Your Visit

Salon du VR is an annual event that takes place in Quebec. To ensure you make the most of your visit, here are a few tips:

  • Check the event’s official website for the latest information on dates, location, and ticket prices.
  • Arrive with a list of what you’re looking for in an RV, so you can focus on the models that best fit your needs.
  • Be prepared to ask questions and take notes as you explore the RVs and speak with experts.

In conclusion, Salon du VR is your passport to a world of adventure, comfort, and the freedom to explore. Whether you’re a seasoned RV traveler or new to the world of recreational vehicles, this event offers a wealth of opportunities to make your travel dreams a reality. So, mark your calendar, plan your visit, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey at Salon du VR!

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