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Rune Factory 3 Special Review

Rune Factory 3 Special is a solid, satisfying remake for an already classic game in a series that perfected the blend of RPG and life sim gameplay. Its unique storyline and characters make it a good choice for those looking for a relaxing and entertaining time, and its gameplay loop is easy to get hooked on.

The game starts off with a golden wooly creature (half-human, half-monster) falling from the sky into the town of Sharance, where it’s promptly rescued and given a home by a woman named Shara. As soon as she learns his name — Micah — he’s embraced by the townspeople and quickly involved with protecting them from some mysterious demons as well as helping them heal and grow.

Weapon Types

With a large number of weapon types to collect and various dungeons to explore, the battle system in Rune Factory 3 Special is fun and engaging. However, the most enjoyable aspect of this game is its character development, which allows players to bond with the townspeople and monsters and see them grow in maturity as they spend more and more time with them.

In addition to a wide range of quests that open up the storyline, Rune Factory 3 Special offers a variety of daily requests that help change the way townsfolk interact with the player. These can include cooking, sewing, or a plethora of other activities, all of which earn the player points that increase their friendship level with the characters in town and help unlock more excellent stories.

Dubbing and Visuals

Despite the fact that it is an older game, Rune Factory 3 Special feels like a fresher experience than its predecessor thanks to its new dubbing and visuals. The unblocked games 67 also boasts a new ‘Newlywed Mode’ which allows the player to play through a little side story for each marriage candidate that they take on, adding a nice extra layer of texture to the world. 

One of the biggest changes in this re-release is that it has been relocalized and offers an option to play with either the original English voice overs or the relocalized ones, which are much closer to the Japanese dialogue osb board 11mm. This helps to eliminate some of the excessive discrepancies between the old and new translations.

Diverse Cast

Even though some of the mechanics of the game feel outdated, there is always something to do. From farming to exploring dungeons, there is always something to keep players entertained and on their toes. The diverse cast of characters is a pleasure to interact with and each has their own quirky personality that helps to make them memorable.


The only real drawback to this game is that it can often feel a bit generic and stale, especially when compared to games that use this formula as a stepping stone. However, it’s still an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy a relaxing and rewarding time with their friends, whether they be plants or monsters. With a fun and engaging storyline, a charming cast of characters, and a plethora of things to do, Rune Factory 3 Special is a must-have for fans of the genre.

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