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Medical therapy for hair loss in Greater Seattle

Dealing with hair loss can be difficult. It affects many people’s confidence, self identity, social interactions, relationships, and in some cases even professional performance. Fortunately, there are many treatment options to help decrease further loss, thicken existing hair, and regrow hair. 

Root Hair Institute is a comprehensive hair restoration center that offers multiple treatments for hair loss including both surgical and non-surgical options. Non-surgical treatment options include both topical medications (a topical solution or foam is applied on top of the scalp in areas of loss) and oral medications (a pill is taken by mouth).

Our doctors offer comprehensive treatments including medical therapies and customized treatment plans to help you achieve your long-term goals. They will educate you on multiple options so that you can determine what options fit your lifestyle and priorities. They help patients to regain control of their hair and regain their confidence.

How does our medical therapy treatment work?

Medical therapy can be an effective treatment option for hair loss. By offering and combining different types of hair loss medications and therapies, our doctors are able to effectively treat multiple types and causes of hair loss in many cases. 

Our medical treatment works through the following process:

Hair loss examination

Screenshot_6.jpgYour medical treatment therapy starts with a thorough assessment from our hair restoration physicians.

They will consult with you on your history, carry out a thorough examination of your scalp and hair follicles including dermatoscopic exam, and discuss your concerns and overall goals.

In some cases additional testing such as scalp biopsy or laboratory blood tests may be recommended depending on your case.

Customized therapeutic plan

Screenshot_5.jpgAfter confirming your diagnosis, your physician will start planning a personalized hair restoration program that fits your long-term goals and lifestyle. They will discuss the risks, benefits, and alternatives of different therapies. 

If you are open to being on multiple types of therapies, they will often recommend a multi-pronged approach where your physician will combine different therapies that act on the hair loss in different ways to obtain the best possible results. If you prefer to start one type of therapy, then they will schedule you back for a follow up visit so that your response to that therapy can be determined and additional therapies can be added or the therapy can be changed if needed.

Re-assessment and follow up

Screenshot_7.jpgMedical therapies do not work overnight. Many times, hair loss medical therapy takes at least 3-6 months, or longer, to take effect. However, there may be cases when your physician may advise you to combine your medical therapy with other hair restoration procedures to further improve the health of your hair follicles or help fill in thinning or balding areas.
Talk to our hair restoration doctors at Root Hair Institute if you are interested in discussing what medical therapy or other treatment options may be right for you. 

How does our medical therapy treatment help?

Medical therapy for hair loss is a non-surgical treatment option that offers patients a way to potentially minimize further progression of hair loss, thicken existing hair, and in some cases regrow hair. What are the advantages of this type of therapy?

Slow down hair loss

Medical hair restoration aims to significantly reduce hair loss and stabilize your hair follicles. It is important to stay on these treatments long-term so that the positive effects can be retained.

Convenient approach

Oral and topical therapies are available for convenient at-home use. While the treatment’s effect may need months to visibly take effect, you can start your hair restoration journey often without significant changes to your daily routine. Medical therapies do not require frequent office visits such as other treatment options like growth factor injections.


With the availability of generic versions of many oral and topical hair loss medications, patients often have a variety of relatively affordable options to start their hair restoration journey.

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