Does Turmeric help to treat erectile dysfunction?

Many men struggle to get an erection, and this is a major factor in marriage breakdown. Experts have been trying to discover ways to combat similar conditions, and despite trying many different ways, scientists believe a common ingredient can help. 

  Topical treatment can be Viagra tablets (100mg aurogra tablets), which are only successful in 60-70 cases of erectile dysfunction. Another Cialis 20mg Price and Levitra 40 Mg Online is also effective in treating erectile dysfunction.

 It turns out that a turmeric ointment would potentially benefit men with erectile dysfunction. Scientists have also suggested that a chemical found in the spice called curcumin may be more effective than some anesthetic drugs. 

 When placed on the coffin, the ointment penetrates the skin and increases blood flow to the vagina. Meanwhile, eating it has little effect because the spice is broken down in the stomach. 

 Taipei, Taiwan (Taiwan news) – us experts say curry oil paint ointment can cure erectile dysfunction, and an emulsion in turmeric has been described as the root cause. 

 According to new studies published in the Albert einstein college of Medicine’s journal of sexual medicine, topical ointments made from turmeric oil can help cure erectile problems, with curcumin in the emulsifier. Learning plays an important role. 

 The characteristic color of the curry comes from curcumin, a natural anti-inflammatory found in turmeric. 

 According to the paper, the Albert einstein school of Medicine’s medical discovery platoon converted the oily turmeric paint into curcumin-containing nanoparticles and produced an ointment, according to the paper (each piece is 100 times smaller than a fiber). Deadly hair). The ointment was added to the abdomens of male rats every day for two weeks. 

 Similarly, the experimenters determined that the nanoparticles penetrated the skin and remained in the hair follicles for 24 hours in treated healthy mice. 

 On the other hand, consuming curry fat won’t have the same benefits as the mature curcumin will be digested in the intestines and lose sexual function. 

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