Cardboard Handle Boxes

Why Choose Cardboard Handle Boxes

The primary function of any Cardboard Handle Boxes material is to safeguard the product from damage.

No matter your industry, corrugated boxes and packaging can offer the flexibility and functionality needed to elevate your brand.

The primary function of any Cardboard Handle Boxes material is to safeguard the product from damage. Corrugated packaging excels remarkably in this regard. Its robust and sturdy structure ensures the utmost protection of products during transportation. 

But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Its true allure lies in its versatility and customizability. Custom corrugated packaging allows you to tailor the design, shape, size, and even the print on the box or package, which is perfect for promoting brand recognition.

Let’s dive in to learn more.

Options In Cardboard Handle Boxes

Corrugated packaging material usually features one rippled sheet, referred to as the “fluting” or the “corrugated medium,” sandwiched between two flat sheets, known as the “liners.” While the basis of corrugated packaging is the same, today’s corrugated packaging comes in many options, including:

  • Corrugated Boxes
    • Regular Slotted
    • Half Slotted
    • Overlapped
    • One-Piece Folding
    • Five-Panel
  • Corrugated Die-Cut Boxes
  • Corrugated Partitions
  • Corrugated Bin Boxes
  • Corrugated Gaylord Boxes
  • Corrugated Slip Sheets and Pads

Benefits Of Custom Corrugated Packaging

There are several reasons why businesses choose custom corrugated packaging for their products, which include:

Better Protection

cardboard handle boxes are more robust compared to regular cardboard boxes. They act as a stable cushion for products during shipping and handling. A custom-sized corrugated box can also fit precisely to an item’s dimension to help keep it more secure and protected from damage. Standard-size boxes typically need extra padding and protection.


When storing heavy items on top of each other, the pounds of pressure it can handle, known as the Edge Crush Test (ECT), is important. A corrugated box can handle more pounds of force before collapsing than a non-corrugated box. 

Highly Customizable

cardboard handle boxes can be customizable with different treatments and adhesives and can be made fire-resistant. Printing options are widely customizable, as well. Custom-printed corrugated boxes can help boost brand identity and advertise a company and its products.

Cost Effective

Corrugated packages and boxes are cost-effective and affordable. By choosing the right-sized package, one that is fitted to your product vs. one that is too big, you can avoid the Dimensional Weight Pricing (DIM) surcharges and reduce freight costs. It also saves on storage/warehousing space. Talk about a win-win!


Corrugated packages and cardboard handle boxes come in a wide range of sizes to pack many different products. They can be single-, double- or triple-walled, depending on the level of protection you want for your products.

Easy To Handle

Custom Mailers Boxes can be broken down and easily put away, taking up minimal space. They are lightweight and easy to set up when needed.


All the materials used to make corrugated packaging come from everyday recyclable items, such as paper, newspapers, custom mailers boxes, and cartons. Corrugated packaging also doesn’t include harsh chemicals such as dyes, bleach, or toxic additives, making it a more sustainable packaging option than other materials.

Choose New-Tech For Corrugated Packaging

At New-Tech Packaging, we not only sell cardboard handle boxes and packaging – we also design and manufacture our corrugated products in-house. We serve a wide variety of industries, from e-commerce packaging to healthcare products packaging and more.

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