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7 Hacks for Successful Content Marketing on Whatsapp

In a world of ever-increasing privacy concerns, WhatsApp has stood out as an incredibly trustworthy platform. It has also proven to be effective for brands that want to connect with customers and generate sales.

Use the WhatsApp Business app to create your business profile. Promote your profile on social media and include a short link in your website, email signature, and other communications.

1. Use GIFs

Messaging apps like WhatsApp support almost all types of media – photos, videos, animated GIFs, and audio files. Using multimedia content in marketing is a great way to add value for customers, as it allows them to connect with businesses on an emotional level.

GIFs are perfect for demonstrating product features, creating tutorials, and providing customer service. They can also be used to break up large infographics into smaller pieces, which makes them easier to read and understand. GIFs can even convey emotions such as surprise or sarcasm that may be difficult to convey with text alone.

2. Create a video

WhatsApp supports a variety of media formats, including photos, videos, GIFs, PDFs, and audio files. This allows businesses to offer a more interactive and fun customer service experience, and to provide relevant content to their audiences. Businesses can also use WhatsApp Groups to create a community around their brand. For example, Adidas used a WhatsApp business account to create a group for amateur football teams to help them with issues they face during training.

This way, the brand can provide them with valuable information in a short period of time. Then, they can share their experiences with their friends and spread the word.

3. Create a podcast

Podcasts are an excellent tool for content marketing on GB WhatsApp APK. They can be used to promote a blog post or to share a product review. When a customer subscribes to a business’s podcast, they can receive notifications whenever the business publishes an episode. This allows them to stay up-to-date with the latest content and build a relationship with the brand.

WhatsApp statuses can contain links, images, videos, and more, but they only last 24 hours. This makes them perfect for sharing time-limited offers and seasonal promotions. This way, your customers can browse, dream, and shop on the go.

4. Create a blog post

Brands can use WhatsApp to share a link to a blog post on their website, which they can update regularly. It’s a great way to build a following and promote new products or services. People are more likely to respond to messages from brands they recognize, so make sure your audience can see a clear display name on your business account. This is especially important for businesses with multiple accounts.

KLM used WhatsApp to inform customers of flight delays and cancellations, and Absolut Vodka invited their audience to an exclusive party using the messaging app.

5. Create a quiz

Quizzes are a great way to drive engagement and generate qualified leads. They can also help increase your website’s time on site, which is a major factor in search engine rankings. Be creative with your quiz font to grab attention and make your content stand out. Playful fonts like Comic Sans and Chalkboard are great for lighthearted quizzes, while more formal fonts like Times New Roman are appropriate for history quizzes.

6. Create a poll

The upcoming WhatsApp for Business app offers an array of features that can be used to create innovative marketing campaigns. These include creating gated content, sending automated replies, and tracking profile activity.

To start with, figure out your goal and audience. This will influence the question you ask, your answer options, and other poll settings. To make your poll stand out, you can add a cover image or video, select a head-to-head layout, and embed a custom URL. You can also add a lead form to collect contact information.

7. Create a poll on your website

When creating a poll, be sure to specify what type of information you hope to gather from respondents. Depending on your business needs, this could include anything from whether customers prefer messages about sales to media content, to how best to market new products.

It’s also important to share the results of your poll. This will help your audience feel valued and can lead to more engagement on social media. You can do this by either activating the poll’s auto-reply feature to notify participants of their responses, or by posting a blog post that highlights important insights from your survey.

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